A playful look at some of the world’s most iconic toys, in this fun and fascinating new factual series.

We spent hours playing with them as children. We remember them long into our adulthood. But how much do we really know about our favorite toys?

“The Story of Toys” is a fascinating new factual series for both adults and children, that looks at this magical world, and explores how some of our most cherished toys relate to the history and culture of a nation.

Each self-contained episode is dedicated to one specific toy group, from high-tech toys and dolls, to costumes, monsters and miniatures.

In each episode, three children from three different countries – France, USA and Japan – are treated to a surprise journey to discover more about their favorite toys. Going behind-the-scenes of some incredible locations, they explore the secrets of a giant toy factory, visit international toy conventions and take part in exciting toy workshops.

There are also plenty of fun facts about the toys, and we learn the background story of each toy: what made them famous in the first place, and why they still appeal to generations of children.

“The Story of Toys” brings the simple pleasures of toys vividly to life, in this fun and fascinating factual series.

Factual / People and Society
6 x 1 Hour

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