A voyage of discovery as music, history and culture combine to unite a country.

The history of a society can be discovered through the rich sounds of its traditional music, and for the millions of migrants around the world, music plays an important role in maintaining their sense of identity and cultural heritage.

In inspiring new format “Music of the People”, bands who are migrants to a host country or from a different cultural heritage, interpret a national song classic from a well-known contemporary artist, with extraordinary results that bring together a whole nation.

At the beginning of each episode, a presenter reintroduces us to a hit song and the star who made it famous, with the star revealing a little about the history of the track and its meaning.

The presenter then meets the traditional band, from Jewish klezmer musicians to a Persian Reggae/Ska group and an Arabian folk band, all of whom have brought their own unique music to the host country. We learn about their style of music and its origins, and something about their culture and heritage.

They are then introduced to the famous song that they are tasked with reinterpreting, and we follow the band as they work together to give the song their own unique spin, fusing the original piece with a bold and original composition.

Finally, the stage is set for a performance of a lifetime, as the band and the star come face-to-face for the first time to play the reversioned song live. How will the star react when they hear their music transformed so dramatically, and can it ever compare to the tune we’ve all come to know and love?

Entertainment Format
6 x 1 Hour

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