The smash-hit new crime series is back for Season Two, starring Tom Beck.

As the youngest professor to have ever taught theoretical physics at his university, Felix (Tom Beck – “Alarm for Cobra 11”) is a genius. He is also the great grandson of Albert Einstein. However, life has its challenges: Felix is terminally ill with hereditary Huntington’s disease, and he faces prison when accused of stealing illegal drugs to help manage his condition. He is saved from jail when the police recognize that his brilliant mind could help them solve some of their most complex cases, and recruit him as a police consultant.

Partnered with strong, quick-witted detective Elena (Annika Ernst), Season Two sees them investigate the world of online influencers when a famous YouTube star is blown up live on air. Felix goes undercover at a campsite to catch a serial killer – and finds a sinister world of gambling, fraud and partner swapping! A paintball match turns deadly when one of the players is shot with real bullets. And the mascot of a darts team plunges to his death at a tournament; was it suicide, an allergic reaction, or murder?

Felix’s personal life also takes a turn when Elena falls for his arch enemy, and Detective Tremmel becomes besotted with his mother. Also an unexpected romance blossoms between Felix and Federal Agent Julia Weigert; and can Felix protect his new research project from enemies both within and outside the university?

“Einstein” is a ratings smash on SAT.1 in Germany, ranking number one and increasing the share by over 55%. The show has sold to over 108 territories including a hit in Spain and Portugal on AXN.

Scripted Series / Crime
Season 2: 10 x 1 Hour (Total episodes: 20 x 1 Hour + 1 x 2 Hours Pilot)

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