A Matter of Life and Debt


Behind every loan of money is a human story waiting to be told.

Every day millions of people around the world find themselves in desperate need of cash because traditional banks have turned them down for a loan.

This inspiring new factual format reveals some of the real-life stories behind these requests for loans, filmed within not-for-profit credit unions – which are community-based schemes offering a safe alternative to extortionate pay-day money lenders and loan sharks.

A money loan can mean so much more than just the cash: it can be a lifeline, a second chance, and make the difference between giving up on a dream and watching one come true. Each episode of “A Matter of Life and Debt” tells the stories of three people applying for loans. From someone needing capital to start their own business, to paying for the surgery of a beloved pet, or contributing to a daughter’s wedding. Whatever the circumstances, all of the stories are important and life-changing in some way. The credit union then considers the loan and their decision is revealed; but not every pitch will succeed.

We also hear about the darker side of borrowing, including high-street banks that turned their backs on people, and the desperate measures some people go to in order to raise money.

In the UK production for the BBC, the show is based on clients of Sheffield Money, the UK’s first not-for-profit funded loans service, helping people who have been turned down by banks, and features real cases handled by the National Trading Standards illegal money lending team.

Factual Entertainment
15 x 1 Hour

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