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Red Arrow International to distribute epic new drama “Mata Hari”

Munich, 21 April 2016

Red Arrow International has picked up worldwide distribution rights for major new Russian-made drama “Mata Hari”.

Produced by Star Media for Channel One Russia, Red Arrow will launch the English-language version of the drama at MIPCOM 2016.

“Mata Hari” (12 x 1 hour) charts the extraordinary life of exotic dancer, courtesan and infamous spy Mata Hari.

The drama features an acclaimed international cast including Christopher Lambert (“Highlander”), John Corbett (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”), Rade Serbedzija (“X-Men: First Class”), Rutger Hauer (“Batman Begins”, “Blade Runner”) and French actress Vahina Giocante (“The Libertine”) in the title role of Mata Hari. Gerard Depardieu (“Life of Pi”) also guest stars.

Vlad Ryashin, Founder and General Producer at Star Media, said: “’Mata Hari’ is the story of an exceptionally strong woman who led a short but incredibly dramatic and flamboyant life. We are delighted to be working with Red Arrow International to bring her incredible story to people around the world”.

Henrik Pabst, Managing Director of Red Arrow International, said: “The scale and quality of this ambitious new drama is truly impressive and marks a real step change in the international ambitions of the Russian production sector. Star Media are a great partner and we are proud to be distributing ‘Mata Hari’ and launching the show at MIPCOM 2016”.

Directed by Dennis Berry (“Highlander”, “Stargate SG-1”) and Julius Berg, “Mata Hari” has recently completed filming in Lisbon and St Petersburg, and will air on Russian state network Channel One and Ukraine's Inter later this year.

More About “Mata Hari”

“Mata Hari” (12 x 1 hour) is a landmark new drama about the extraordinary life of Margaret Zelle, also known as the infamous Mata Hari. 

Born in the Netherlands in 1876, she was abandoned by her father after her mother died and famously went on to become an exotic dancer, performing in theaters across Europe. After moving to Paris she gained access to the French aristocracy, before marrying a Dutch army officer and living on the island of Java. She later ran away from her tyrannical husband, and lost custody of their daughter.

In 1916 Mata Hari agreed to spy for the French, passing on military information gleaned from her liaisons and conquests. However, she was accused of being a double agent for the Germans and was executed on 15 October 1917. Mata Hari's death by firing squad became an international media sensation, and in the 1970’s declassified German documents did finally prove that she had also spied for the Germans.

“Mata Hari” features an acclaimed, international cast including Christopher Lambert (“Ghostrider – 2”, “Highlander”) as Kramer, John Corbett (“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Sex and the City”) as Macleod, Rade Serbedzija (“X-Men: First Class”, “Downton Abbey”) as Guimet, Rutger Hauer (“Batman Begins”, “Blade Runner”) as Stolbacken and French actress Vahina Giocante (“99 Francs”, “The Libertine”) in the title role of Mata Hari. Gerard Depardieu (“Life of Pi”, “La vie en rose”) also guest stars as the Priest.

Other cast include Oisin Stack (“Rosemary's Baby”) as Astryuk; Yehezkel Lazarov (“Waltz with Bashir”) as Costello; Maxim Matveev (“Demons”) as Maslov; Alcides Estrela (“Alma”) as Cyrus; Victoria Isakova (“Thaw”, “Doctor Zhivago”) as Lidia Kireevskaya; Nuno Lopes (“Terapia”) as Maximilian Ridoh; Chris Murphy (“Jacob's Ladder”) as Hubert; Alexander Petrov (“The Method”) as Mathieu; Kseniya Rappoport (“The Double Hour”, “Anna Karenina”) as Elizabeth Shragmuller; Alexey Guskov (“The Invisible Boy”) as George Ladou;  Svetlana Hodchenkova (“The Wolverine”, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”) as Zlatka Dzhenich; Carloto Cotto (“Lines of Wellington”) as Rastignac; Alexander Mikhailov (“Yesenin”) as Semikhin; Maria Fomina (“The Eternal Cold”) as Vera; and Makar Zaporozhskiy(“The Method”) as Ryabov.

“Mata Hari” is directed by Dennis Berry (“Highlander”, “Stargate SG-1”) and Julius Berg, written by Igor Ter-Karapetov and Oleg Kirillov (“Yuri’s Day”) and produced by Vlad Ryashin, Aleksandr Starikov, Konstantin Ernst and Sergey Titinkov. The production designer is Igor Trushkov, and director of photography is Oleg Lukichev.

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